• CarboVet prah (15 kg)
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Feed material for all kinds and categories of animals

It can be used in organic livestock production in accordance with EU regulation 834/2007

Intended use: CarboVet the black powder, odorless and tasteless is not soluble in water. Because of its pores absorb toxins and gases produced by pathogenic microorganisms and stops diarrhea. It works preventively during critical periods (weaning, infection Clostridiji and E. coli) as well as during the risk due to feed contaminated with mycotoxins

CarboVet not harmful to humans.

Instructions for use: Carbovet can be added to feed or premix. There is no risk for reactions with other feed additives.

Pigs and rabbits: 0.3-0.5%
Calves: 10-20 g / animal / day
Horses: 30-50 g / animal / day
Poultry: 0.15 to 0.2%
Cows: 40-60 g / animal / day
Pets: 0.5-1% depending on the age and size

Storage: In a dry and ventilated area.

Packaging: 15 kg


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