Kravimin SCC100 (20 kg)

  • Kravimin SCC100 (20 kg)
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Quality of milk and somatic cell count (SCC) in milk can be affected by hygiene of milking and stable, with correct maintenance of milking equipment, correct culling and correct feeding. Higher SCC in milk can result in lower milk production, worse milk characteristics for making cheese and lower milk price. 
With correct feeding and maintaining good immunity of dairy cows SCC can be greatly affected. Animals well supplied with antioxidants, especially with selenium and vitamin E, have lower SCC, less mastitis appearance, if mastitis appears it is in easiest form and its treatment is more efficient and quicker. In lowering SCC zinc has an important role. Zinc maintains proper function of epithelia and sufficient formation of keratin in tits. Keratin lining in tit´s canal catches bacteria and prevents their breakthrough higher into udder. During milking around 40 % of keratin from tit´s canal is removed thus its constant renewal is needed. Experiments have shown that proper supply with organical bonded zinc increases keratin synthesis and improves animal immunity.

Use of Kravimin® SCC is recommended in period from 3 weeks before calving until 100th day of lactation in individual animals or in a whole herd throughout the lactation period.


Kravimin® scc is added besides basic mineral compound feed (Kravimin 2, Kravimin 3 …).

Kravimin® scc is added into feed.


Dairy cows and heifers

50 g


20 kg


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