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Dietetic compound feed for stabilisation of physiological digestion for calves, piglets, poultry

Probiotic for balancing and regulating natural gut micro flora

Natural gut micro flora is sensitive to different inside irritants such as mistakes in feeding, change offeed, antibiotic treatments and also to different outside irritants such as change in rearing conditions, change in environment, unfavourable climate conditions or transport. When natural gut micro flora is out of balance, pathogens start to multiply and this represents danger for disease outbreak. This is why healthy gut micro flora is an important factor in feeding and successful rearing. Maintaining natural balance can be supported with NutriBio® powder containing lactic acid bacteria in high concentration and an adequate nutritional carrier.

To ensure constant shelter for natural gut micro flora with lactic acid bacteria we offer animals NutriBio® powder. Use NutriBio® powder at risk of, during or after digestive disturbance (diarrhoea), in case of illness and when antibiotics are in use for re-colonizing and stabilising natural gut micro flora. Mix NutriBio® powder in feed or warm water (up to 35°C).

Piglets up to 35 kg: 5 to 10 g per piglet per day mix into liquid feed or as a top dressing, 7 days before weaning and 7 days after, 5 to 7 days in case of antibiotic treatment. 5 to 7 days for incoming piglets.
Calves: 10 g to 20 g per animal per day mix into water, milk or milk replacer, at least 7 days at incoming calves, 5 to 7 days in case of antibiotic treatment. Prolong treatment for 1 more week if necessary.
Broilers and Turkeys: 10 to 100 g per 100 animals per day mix into water, at arrival at least 3 consecutive days, after antibiotic treatment at least 3 consecutive days. Prolong treatment for 3 more days if necessary.


Keep in well closed original package, in a cold and dry space, protected from sunlight. Keep away from children!


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