Ovimin EKO (5 kg)

  • Ovimin EKO (5 kg)
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Ovimin® eko is a mineral compound feed prepared especially for sheep that have different nutrient requirements than goats or cattle. Sheep don't select their feed as goats so they get a different Ca:P ration from the same feed as goats. Ca:P ration in sheep is 1,8 - 2:1. In the summer sheep are usually on pasture, if in the barn, we feed them with hay or grass. In the winter we feed sheep with hay and grass silage, to a higher milk yield we also feed them with complete feed. Areas from where we get sheep feed are usually not fertilised so there is a lot of calcium in such feed and not enough phosphorus. Ovimin® eko balances the ration Ca:P, thus contains a lot of phosphorus and less calcium. An excess of P in the diet disturbs metabolic processes and an excess of Ca causes un-vital and stillborn lambs, because of bad zinc and vitamin A utilisation. The requirements of Ca are thus small, higher are requirements of P.

Due to the source of sheep feed, we presume it contains enough vitamins so Ovimin® eko doesn’t contain extra vitamins, but it contains polyphenols which work as natural antioxidants and keep a healthy immune system.
Sheep characteristic is wool that has an advantage in nutrient utilisation before milk production and daily gain, which should be considered in sheep feeding. Wool proteins have a different constitution than milk or meat proteins. Wool proteins contain more sulphur containing amino acids, that’s why there has to be enough sulphur in sheep diet. Sulphur in Ovimin® eko ensures the microbial production of higher amounts of sulphur containing amino acids in rumen, which enables normal wool growth, daily gain and milk yield.
Ovimin® eko is adjusted to all categories and age of sheep.

Analytical composition: P 14%, Na 7%, Ca 5%, Mg 2%, 


Ovimin® eko is added daily into the feed.


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5 kg


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