Animal and Human Care Products

With carefully balanced feed problems in animal husbandry are almost gone. But in intensive production small troubles could appear and without taking any measures they could grow into big problems and economic losses. In such cases use of animal and human care products can prevent damage that could result from not taking any measures at all.

  • VETASEPTAL 150 ml, 400 ml  Universal ointment for udder care and for dry and cracked skin on hands and feet
  • VETASEPTAL BiKE  Universal ointment for dry and cracked skin on hands and feet, for massage of tired legs and feet after training
  • DERMOVET  500 ml, 5L    Liquid spray and bath with antibacterial effect for hoof care and cleaning.
  • DERMO SPRAY 200 ml  Powder spray with antibacterial effect for damaged and sensitive skin.
  • POWERSEPT VET 100 ml  Liquid spray for disinfecting of animal skin, litter and stall.