Sheep and goats

Even these small ruminants need proper care and appropriate vitamin-mineral supplements.

Our range of products for sheep and goats encompasses Kozimin®, Ovimin®, NutriSel®, NutriSel® Plus and Vita-redin®.

Kozimin® is a mineral compound feed prepared especially for goats.

Ovimin® is a mineral compound feed prepared especially for sheeps.

NutriSel and NutriSel Plus are water-soluble powder or solution, which offers the necessary quantity of micro and macroelements, vitamins and amino acids especially needed in stress-induced states (vaccination, feed change, relocation of animals, temperature changes, lambing, competitions, etc.)

Vita-redin® is mineral-vitamin supplement which will help you get more from your animal feed and a bigger animal growth using the same amount of animal feed. Consequently, the productivity and economy of the production will grow. We recommend you add it regularly to feed ration.


Product's name


Product's form

Animal category and usage


2 kg
5 kg
20 kg

Mineral-vitamin supplement

Vita-redin® is intended for all kinds and categories of animals. It is especially suitable for smaller and less specialized breeding.

NutriSel and NutriSel Plus

100 g
1 kg
25 kg
250 ml
1 L
5 L

Water-soluble oral powder and solution

Nutrisel and NutriSel Plus are water-soluble supplement recommended for stress-induced states (vaccination, fodder change, calf removal, relocation of animals, temperature changes etc..,) and in case of vitamin and amino acid deficiency). Product contains 13 vitamins, limiting amino acids and selenium.

Premixes for sheep and goats

We prepare premixes for little ruminants as well. You can find out more about their usual content in the table below.

 Table of premixes for sheep and goats

Premiksi za ovce in koze