About us

Lek Veterina, passion for animal welfare

Lek Veterina d.o.o. is a SME. The company's headquarters as well as our industrial plant are situated in Lipovci near Murska Sobota. We have an experienced group of workers, technologists and experts in the field of animal nutrition (zootechnicians, veterinarians).

We produce and market vitamin-micromineral premixes, mineral-vitamin supplements (supplement feedingstuffs) and products which improve the health of domestic animals. We also have our own brand of dog feed named DINO.

Our products help to maintain the welfare and health of animals as well as bring satisfaction and success to those who breed them.

Our experienced team of experts ( info@lek-veterina.si) is always available for counselling at your farm and they can also calculate the appropriate ratio to ensure an optimal ratio between health and production of animals as well as the economics of breeding.

Monitoring the trends in the field of nutrition, health and welfare of animals as well as a wide range of supplements (probiotics, prebiotics, coccidiostats, enzymes, colourings, aromas, herbs, essential oils, fatty acid etc.), small quantities of which can be homogeneously mixed into premixes and vitamin-mineral supplements, enables us to prepare a product that is in accordance with the latest developments and ensures the successful breeding of animals.

Our suppliers that deliver raw materials are carefully chosen producers with worldwide reputations, for example, DSM, Lohman Animal Health and BASF. All of this along with a carefully planned and monitored manufacturing process and automatic supervision of all phases of the process ensure the stability of our products, stable quality and accordance with the declared content.

Our production capacities enable us to produce large quantities of products (the capacity of individual lines is several tons per hour) and smaller series (from 100 kg on) in a short response time.

Packaging lines pack end products in smaller and bigger bags and buckets whose net weight ranges from 100g to 25 kg.

Basic company data

Lek Veterina d.o.o.

Company's headquarters
Lipovci 251 a, 9231 Beltinci
Phone number: + 386 (0)2 541 34 00
Fax number: + 386 (0)2 541 34 08

Email: info@lek-veterina.si

Activity Code
10.910 Production of feedingstuffs
Court registration number: 1/02891/00
Register number: 2043432
Tax file number: SI40147533

Transaction account numbers:
Abanka d.d.: 05100-8012038565
Delavska hranilnica d.d.: 6100-00006723417