NutriVit® Cal (1L)

NutriVit® Cal (1L)

NutriVit® Cal - highly utilized calcium in liquid form - promotes the healthy growth and development of...


ZeoFix Milk® (15kg)

ZeoFix Milk® (15kg)

Mineral compound feed for all animals The feed improves the taste and promotes appetite, while binding...


ZeoFix N® (15kg)

ZeoFix N® (15kg)

Mineral compound feed for all animals The feed improves the taste and promotes appetite, while binding...


Poultry breeding has a long tradition in Slovenia and is one of the most widespread kinds of domestic animal breeding. Lek Veterina supplies the highest volume Slovenian poultry breeders with our premixes.

Along with classical poultry breeding for eggs and meat, breeding of turkeys, water poultry, decorative breeding poultry, pheasant breeding, the breeding of ostriches and pigeons is also widespread.

Every category and animal species has its own demands and needs which have to be taken into consideration and fulfilled if we want the breeding to be successful.

The animals need appropriate places to live as well as suitable and quality nutrition.

There are many farmyards with chickens which still lay "home-made" eggs with yellow yolks. Despite the variety of food provided by free range breeding, these animals also suffer lack of vitamins and minerals.


Specialized and intensive breeding of poultry has moved to farms where nutrition is adjusted to suit the needs of specific animal species, category, age and breeding method, which is a prerequisite for success. Only properly feed and healthy animals can ensure successful yields and breeding. Feed for poultry has to contain enough proteins with the right amino acid composition, energy and appropriate ratio between Ca and P (1.6:1 to 2:1 for chickens and pullets; from 4:1 to 5:1 for laying hens, depending on the egg production phase).

Although vitamins and minerals present a small part of feed, they are essential for successful breeding. Only the right quantity and ratio between vitamins and minerals can bring success.

Numerous other supplements can be added to premixes and feed mixtures which influence successful breeding.
Using them, we can accomplish:

  • a better lean-meat content,
  • a larger growth in animals,
  • a greater egg production,
  • a harder egg shell,
  • a more intensive colour of egg yolk,
  • a smaller effect of breeding on the environment,
  • a production of eggs rich in omega-3 fatty acids,
  • a production of eggs rich in selenium.

We add different supplements to our premixes according to customer's wishes and needs. We gladly offer counselling and help to improve your breeding results.

Premixes for poultry

 Table of premixes for broilers, parent flock, layers and turkeys

 Table of premixes for ostriches, pheasants, pigeons, ducks and geese 

Premiksi perutnina


Other products for poultry

Product's name


Product's form

Animal category and usage

NutriSel and NutriSel Plus

100 g, 1 kg
25 kg, 250 ml, 1 L, 5 L

Water-soluble powder or oral solution

Nutrisel and Nutrisel Plus are supplements recommended for stress-induced states (vaccination, fodder change, calf removal, relocation of animals, temperature changes etc..,) and in case of vitamin and amino acid deficiency). Nutrisel contains vitamins, limiting amino acids and selenium.


1 l

Complementary feed

BronhiFit is liquid complementary feed with essential oils of eucalyptus, peppermint and menthol. It is used in the case of respiratory problems, heat stress, vaccinations...


2 kg
5 kg
20 kg

Mineral-vitamin supplement

Vita-redin® is intended for all kinds and categories of animals. It is especially suitable for smaller and less specialized breeding.