Research and Development

Lek Veterina is continuously developing new, safe and effective products that fully meet the requirements and expectations of our customers. Products correspond to the latest findings in the field of animal care and nutrition and help to ensure successful breeding.

The new products formulations and designs are produced partly in the company as a result of our own knowledge and in compliance with the requirements of the market, and partly developed in collaboration with experts from universities and scientific institutions from Slovenia and abroad.


The development of premixes, complementary feeds and products for improving animal health in the powder (water-insoluble, water-soluble) and liquid form for our own needs or for contract manufacturing.

Production of liquid nutritional products takes place in a pharmaceutical clean room in accordance with ISO 14644 which has a controlled temperature, humidity and ventilation. The production in this area provides the perfect possibilityy for cleaning and / or disinfection, thus preventing contamination, cross-contamination and other negative effects on the quality of products.