In optimal conditions basic ration supplemented with mineral compound feed is good enough to satisfy all physiological needs of animals for healthy development, growth and production.

As soon as optimal conditions change, animals need extra care to restore balance in their organism. Changes can be made in feed, box, transport, vaccination or climate. All of these changes cause stress in animals which could lead to ineffective production, in worst case death. Changes in cattle are often connected to physiological state of the animal in its life circle, eg. firs conception, calving, milk production, feed change, etc. 
For effective overcoming of stress we have a nutraceutical for all species and categories of animals.

We always develope new and effective products and are open for developing custom made products for you.





100 g, 1 kg, 25 kg, 250 ml, 1L, 5L

Vitamin-amino acid supplement for effective overcoming of stress for all species and categories of animals.

Carbovet gel

60 ml

Complementary feed in the case of diarhhea, mycotoxins in the feed.


100 g, 1 kg

Feed material in the case of digestive problems

Calpho Plus

500 ml

Liquid complementary feed for intensive care of dairy cows with calcium and phosphorus in the period around calving

Kravimin Start

200 ml

Regeneration and re-hydration drink for cows immediately after calving

Kravimin G +

10 L

Prevention or treatment of negative energy balance

Kravimin repro

5 kg, 20 kg

Complementary feed for improving reproduction parameters in dairy cows

Kravimin SCC100

5 kg, 20 kg

Complementary feed for improving hoof and skin health in dairy cows


1 L

Complementary feed with essential oils in the case of respiratory problems, heat stress