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Kozimin® eko is a mineral compound feed prepared especially for goats which have different nutritional needs from sheep and cattle. Although basic meal could be the same, goats are supplied differently because they select their feed. The Ca:P ration needed is 1,2 - 1,5:1 (in cattle 1,5 - 2:1).

Goats are in the summer usually on pasture, if in the barn we feed them with hay or grass. In the winter we feed goats with hay and grass silage, to a higher milk yield we also feed them with complete feed. Areas from where we get goat feed are usually not fertilised so there is a lot of calcium in such feed and not enough phosphorus. Kozimin® eko balances the ration Ca:P, thus contains a lot of phosphorus and less calcium.

Due to the source of goat feed, we presume it contains enough vitamins so Kozimin® eko doesn’t contain extra vitamins, but it contains polyphenols which work as a natural antioxidants and keep a healthy immune system. Kozimin® eko ensures optimal mineral supply, better feed intake, better feed conversion for milk and daily gain, added polyphenols also improve protein utilisation, which results in more milk proteins, better reproduction, more kids in a litter with better vitality and better longevity of the animals.

Kozimin® eko is adjusted to all categories and age of goats.

Analytical composition:   P 9%, Na 9%, Ca 5%, Mg 2%, 

Instructions for use

Kozimin® eko is added daily into the feed.


50 g

25 kg


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