Actiferm (1 kg)

  • Actiferm (1 kg)
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Actiferm ® - water-soluble powder, supplementary feed mixture for chickens

Water-soluble supplementary feed mixture with probiotic cultures - yeast, vitamin C and essential oils to support a healthy gut and strengthen the immune system. In this way, we help reduce the possibility of the settlement of pathogenic microorganisms in the digestive tract such as E.Coli, Campylobacter and Salmonella. Actiferm® thus promotes the improvement of production parameters in chicken breeding.

The use of Actiferm® is best recommended in the first week of life of chickens and during stressful situations such as adverse climatic conditions, vaccinations, feed changes, catches and other breeding measures.

Composition: dextrose, lactose

Analitske sestavine: surove beljakovine 0%, surove maščobe 0%, surovi pepel 0%, surova vlaknina 0%, natrij 0%, metionin 0%, lizin 0%

Dodatki v 1 kg:

Nutritivni dodatki Vitamin C (3A300), 120.000  mg

Zootehnični dodatki: Kvasovke Saccharomyces cerevisiae (4d1703) 2,8 x 1010 KFE

Senzorični dodatki: Tinktura cimeta 2.000 mg

Navodilo za uporabo:

Actiferm® je namenjen dodajanju preko pitne vode ali kot posip na krmo. Lahko ga dodajate vsakodnevno ali v času stresnih situacij. Za mlade piščance priporočamo vsakodnevno oskrbo do 10. dneva starosti.

Doziranje - piščanci brojlerji:

  • 1.-10. day of age: 350 to 500 g per 1000 L of drinking water. Until water consumption rises to at least 500 L, Actiferm ® can be mixed into the feed in an amount of 700 to 1,000 g of feed. You can then add  Actiferm ® via drinking water.
  • 11-21 days of age: 200 to 250 g per 1,000 L of drinking water.
  • 22nd day of age until the end of the question: 100 to 150 g per 1,000 L of drinking water.

Prepare the premix in warm water (around 60 ° C) to activate the yeast, then mix it into the daily storage tank or into a 10 - 20 L container, from which the mixture is dosed into the water supply system via a dispenser. If possible, animals should drink the beverage within 2 to 3 hours. Prepare a fresh solution in a clean container daily. Rinse the dispenser with clean water after use. Always make sure the nipples are flowing and there is enough fresh water available for the animals.


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